ABOUT パーソンズデザインスタジオについて




PERSON'S started out small-very small,back in 1976. when we opened out first shop in Harajuku, we just wanted to make the kind of clothing that we ourselves wanted to wear. We never asked for much more than something that we can live with comfortably. But such personal aspirations gradually became something shared by many throughout Japan, and throughout the world.And by doing branding and licensing business, we have been producing many different kind of things with allies. We finally understood that a establishing brands is very much important throughout such a long history. Now that PERON'S DESIGN STUDIO create many brands based on the PERSON'S world, and then we bring up them more valuable.



We also started licensing business and it grew into large scale. Then, we decided to divide the license department as an independent company PDS. Fiestly we only managed PERSON'S and now we deal with different kinds of brands.